Wendy Xu
WENDY XU is the author of You Are Not Dead (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2013) and the recipient of a 2014 Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowship

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imitation nail polish is the sincerest form of flattery 

I’m working on this essay about crying in front of mirrors. Maybe it is more about documenting one’s crying, the ethics of this aesthetic consideration. It is also about nighttime and daytime and the visually impaired.

Heather Christle is writing a whole book about crying right now, and I am so excited to read it.

Do you cry, and subsequently, do you regard yr crying? Have you ever? What was it like?

who is this person who made a youtube video of himself reading my poem?! who is also really good at reading poems??

I was super sad today and this helped.

Two new poems from Phrasis appear today in the PEN Poetry Series. Whatever they signal it must also be fall.


Something new is that I recently moved (back) to New York, something I thought I’d never do, in fact I remember declaring it aloud on the street that it would never be done, but here I am enjoying the doing as the doing itself unfolds before me. 

I also recently updated my upcoming readings page to reflect reality and some readings I am very excited about. For now they are all here in New York, my new old forgiving friend:

Saturday 9/6 

BANQUET reading series
Greenpoint Heights, Brooklyn
w/ Kim Addonizio, Spencer Everett, Luke Bloomfield

Saturday 9/27

DUMBO Arts Festival
Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop, Brooklyn
w/ Geoffrey G. O’Brien, Idra Novey, Simone Kearney, Ricky Laurentis, Oli Hazzard

Thursday 11/6

AAWW Reading Series
Asian American Writers Workshop, New York
w/ Monica Mody

Tuesday 12/2

The Poetry Society of America Readings
McNally Jackson, New York
w/ L. Lamar Wilson, Rachel Zucker

I’m really pleased to share the news today that I’ve received a 2014 Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship. Hannah Gamble, Ocean Vuong, Danez Smith, and Solmaz Sharif have also received fellowships. More here.

But what I’m really excited about is the diversity of perspective, experience, origin(s), aesthetic, education(s), and recognition(s) represented by this list.

I’m happy to be part of a “diverse” list of winners for a fellowship not mark(et)ed as a “diversity fellowship.”

I’m happy when I see women achieve. 

I’m happy when recognition is given to stories from outside the dominant narrative.

I love the work of these poets. It’s 90 degrees in Brooklyn right now, and only getting hotter. I’m really happy to be here. I’m going to go read some poetry.

I’m So Depressed

"Dedication" by Wendy Xu

I LOVE HYPERALLERGIC SO MUCH and today am really happy to have a new poem featured there, I wrote it in Western Massachusetts, it’s for Western Massachusetts, I love you Western Massachusetts