Wendy Xu
WENDY XU is the author of You Are Not Dead (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2013)

Email: extrahumanarchitecture@gmail.com

I’m So Depressed

"Dedication" by Wendy Xu

I LOVE HYPERALLERGIC SO MUCH and today am really happy to have a new poem featured there, I wrote it in Western Massachusetts, it’s for Western Massachusetts, I love you Western Massachusetts 


WENDY XU. From her book You Are Not Dead. Get this book. Easily one of the best books I’ve ever read/still reading because I keep holding my face in my hands after every poem.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Phrasis by Wendy Xu & FLOWERS AND MONEY by Nick Sturm are now live over at Black Cake Records. Dessert first, y’allz.

I am so happy to share PHRASIS with you, a poetry album just out now from amazing Black Cake Records / amazing Kelly Schirmann. These poems are some of the strangest things I could think to say.

This release is alongside loved one Nick Sturm’s FLOWERS AND MONEY, when I heard FLOWERS AND MONEY for the first time I wrote him an email, it said “fuck you yr perfect.”

Monosodium glutamate or umami: the fifth crystal taste

So much odorless

White fox in headphones summer

Resembles us, sniffs

The Aztec unnaccustomed to war

As annihilation, needing victims

Yes, fascinery to fasces, won’t fardel all these tinders myself

I mean, man! How much time must we make of thine redoubts

Speak if the glistening water is potable, iodine wine-dark

Red dust is that what

Making its face toward me

I’m up, dear rooster

Robotically sorting plums is like

My uncle’s Rhinophyma comes not

From drinking hard or delivering in the pre-dawn frigid milks:

Generally in Celtic gents, it’s genetic, oi?

Fastening greenish enamel fake nails we would shoot off with air guns

To college sports caps

Mall lights we see them green in

Escalator rails

Or optative rebuffs in moths they fly

While dumping beers beside the cop’s back wheels

Rigor a reflection of the acerval rhythms producing

Rigor redemptive, read songs by appropriating

—    I love this new amazing long poem by Jess Grover, up today in Spoke Too Soon: A Journal of the Longer, edited by Kelin Loe and Leora Fridman. The issue includes my close-reading of the poem, as well as audio of its entirety. Read more here.

I’ve become a little bit obsessed with this particular ship out in the water at Rockaway Beach. 

I think it’s an oil tanker. I can’t confirm that each time I take its photo, it’s the same ship, though I think it is. I keep fantasizing about the lives of the people inside, if there are any. Each time I leave for a few weeks, I feel surprisingly afraid it won’t be there when I get back. 

So far, so good. Something it does well is confirm where water turns to sky.


And Then It Was Less Bleak Because We Said So- Wendy Xu

Fool’s Words- Poetry Recitation every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (Haven’t been doing too well, but hopefully I’ll get back to posting on time. >_<).

You can read it for yourself here! If you would like to request a poem, put it in my ask box.

This author has a Tumblr!


Our newest chapbook!

ANY BERRY YOU LIKE, by Rachael Katz

Printed in an edition of 75, hand-stitched and numbered

Copies will be available soon for purchase online, but for now, they can be purchased from the author at any upcoming reading date. 

Keep up with Rachael here, or here.

If you’re in Western Massachusetts, come hear Rachael read from ANY BERRY YOU LIKE on June 6th, at Flying Object. Copies will be available!


Berries and Almond Butter and iO Poetry Issue 11

Some days I don’t like to cook. That’s happening more and more often. But let me tell you the most wonderful thing about eating Berries dipped in Almond Butter. IT’S INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS. And because I love you very much, I want to share a nut-butter life hack. First, buy the good stuff, which means, it should only have one ingredient (nut). Then, store the jar in the fridge upside down. That will prevent the oil from settling out. Finally, use the lid as a dipping cup, as pictured above.

I’ve written a few times lately about how much I’m enjoying lit mags that make reading more manageable. iO Poetry sure fits that bill, with 10 poets per issue. Over at Superstition Review I publish 10 artists, 10 stories, 10 essays, 10 interviews, and 20 poets per issue. Folks have called our issues “epic.” And while I think there’s room in the Lit Mag universe for these varied approaches, there are days (especially close to launch) where I wish I had chosen a smaller scale. But then again, I really love giving that space to writers and artists.

What attracts me to iO Poetry is that I can really finish an issue over lunch, and walk away with a healthy dose of new poetry. For me, that’s how you can tell Today Was a Good Day. Here I really enjoy Michael Bazzett, especially the line, “From a distance, silver staples.”

I have a few personal design biases that are flaring for me. First, I would love a way to click more easily between the 10 poems in the issue. Yes, the menu is right there but I love a paging feature, and this paging feature is scrolling through all blog posts not just the Issue posts. It’s a problem with using Wordpress as a CMS (and that’s one of the reasons I use WP only for the blog and use Drupal for the magazine—the menuing options in Drupal are hands down the best in the industry). Second, would love to have the contributor info on the same page with the work. But these are picky things, and not every reader will agree. I do really enjoy the use of headshots.

I think I’ll submit some poems to you, iO Poetry. You’re doing great work.

You should really check out their website.

And like them on Facebook.

And follow them on Twitter.

“ Xu’s poetry is concerned with how the mind constructs ways to make living in a world that is often bleak and dangerous worthwhile. The poems in You Are Not Dead are funny and sad—often at the same time. They champion the imagination’s usefulness in the everyday and explore the tension between one’s need for connection with other people while also holding onto one’s individuality. To this end, Xu’s poetry reminds the reader of staying with an old friend; they are ingratiating, not afraid to get heavy, and know when to tell you it’s time for you to leave. ”

—    Ben Seanor kindly invited me to talk a bit about You Are Not Dead, urgency, iO, and attempts to be funny, among other things over at Front Porch. You can read the entire interview here.

even New York comes to an end