Wendy Xu
WENDY XU is the author of You Are Not Dead (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2013)

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This Saturday, I’ll be in what is Maine, along with Wendy/Luke, in a house by a river, a house owned (OWNED!) by Chelly and Derek, for the occasion of a reading. This poster says it all. But so does this

A horoscope on a friends phone last night said this: Quit it! You need sanctuary.

I will be searching for sanctuary in searching for Norumbega.

for yr ideas about a weekend in Maine




Recently I talked to iO Poetry and the great Wendy Xu about my first book of poems, about the U.S., about April in New York City. Now it’s a real boy and you can read it. This is part one of the interview and I say words like this:

"In some ways this book begins in media res, after…

Lovely words I got to exchange w/ Danniel Schoonebeek

This is my favorite photo from the moonbucket reading tour w/ Luke Bloomfield and Brian Foley. We are resting, having just wandered a medical anomalies museum.

THE MOONBUCKET TOUR, w/ Luke Bloomfield & Brian Foley, Boston/Philly/Baltimore/Akron/Cleveland/Buffalo

what is an amazing fact you know that I do not know?

“ It is this quality of scientific observation (non-judgemental without being detached) that successfully injects a quality of philosophical curiosity into her work. One title, “The Place Where I Live Is Different Because I Live There,” (one of the finest poems in the book) reveals that project. By cataloging the world, her speakers also show us that something happens in tandem with that cataloging, an act of looking that transformed both the looker and the object of the gaze itself. Maybe I’ve just read so much feminist theory that looking rarely feels, to me, a benign act, but Xu has perfected in the voice of her speakers a tender way of looking. ”

—    Melissa-Leigh Gore wrote this incredibly kind and attentive and illuminating new review of my book You Are Not Dead, you can read the rest of it here. I am so happy that others also like to practice tender active looking.

2014 is the year I go on tour with these people. We weren’t an improv group before, but now we’re thinking about it.

The readings page will be updated with details, place, time, and guest-moonbucket poets as we have them.